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Visitors have flocked to Africa for centuries due to the continent’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife. This is true as much in Uganda as elsewhere. In fact, when Winston Churchill visited Uganda in 1907, he called it the “Pearl of Africa” because of its great beauty.

Geographically, Uganda is in the heart of the Great Lakes region — surrounded by Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Victoria.

Uganda is not only rich in nature and wildlife, but it also boasts a fascinating cultural heritage. It is a multilingual country with forty-three living languages. There are 56 tribes and four major kingdoms with well-established chiefdoms, each with their own different habits and lifestyles.

Activehost Tours is a family-owned Ugandan tour operator, based in Kampala. We specialize in customized tours throughout Uganda for tourists, schools, and businesses. We aim to provide you with an experience of Ugandan parks and wildlife, cultural opportunities, and regional history – connecting you with the places and people that make Uganda truly unique.

Join us in Uganda to see the wildlife, view the natural wonders, and learn about the variety of cultural traditions. In Uganda, you are always most welcome.

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Enjoy the beauty of Uganda's natural scenery and wildlife.

Explore the variety of people and places throughout Uganda.

We provide educational tours specifically with students in mind.

ActiveHost Safaris is a member of the Uganda Association of Education Tour Operators as well as the Uganda Association of Tourism.

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